John from shows you how to make a salad that is 10x more nutritious than a standard iceberg lettuce salad that most Americans eat.

In this episode, you will learn about OutREDgeous Lettuce which was grown on the space station that has 10x more antioxidants than standard green lettuce.

You will learn the importance of growing red and purple crops in your garden due to the power of the anthocyanins that are health protective for us but also protects the plants from stress.

You will discover how John uses his red lettuce to make the healthiest salad ever using a base of his homegrown red lettuce, purple carrots, beets, brown tomatoes, and purple cabbage as well as a homemade blood orange macadamia nut dressing made in the Kuvings Commercial Vacuum Blender.

You will learn how John harvests his lettuce and prepares his salad step-by-step so you can also make one of the healthiest salads you ever had.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:00 Episode Starts
01:15 This lettuce was grown on the space station
01:44 I want all gardeners to prepare your food
02:57 Outredgeous Red Lettuce 12x more anthocyanin content
05:20 Harvest Lettuce at this point to have more nutritious lettuce
05:55 Salad Recipe from Scratch including Dressing
06:10 Why I don't like oil-based salad dressings
08:01 Blood Orange Salad Dressing from Scratch
12:09 Assembling the Red Salad
12:30 Eat More Plant Phytonutrients
15:20 Julienne Slice Ingredients to Make them Easier to Eat
17:14 This creates anti-cancer compounds if you do this
19:40 Finished Red Salad
21:20 Up Your Diet Game by Growing a Garden
21:50 Taste Testing My Red Salad

After watching this episode, you will have all the tips you need to up your gardening and salad game so you can eat significantly healthier than other Americans that rely on wilted pre-cut lettuce from the grocery store.

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