Would you love a new bathroom?

There's no better way to get one than DIYing it.

Anyone can remodel a bathroom with the right teacher.

We put together a new video course that'll show you how to re-do your bathroom step-by-step.

No vague instructions.

Pure detail showing you the latest methods.

PLUS: you get to see how a professional bathroom remodeler does it.

And on top of that we have a Private Facebook Group where you can post your questions and pictures.

Pretty cool stuff.

We're super stoked to share it with you.

Watch the video for details


We have two different courses:

Bathroom Repair Tutor

Remodel Your Bathtub

Bathroom Repair Tutor is the complete course and has over 80 different video tutorials.

Remodel Your Bathtub is (you guessed it) a course all about remodeling just your bathtub and shower surround.

A lot of heart and soul went into both courses.

You should check them out if you're going to start a bathroom remodel.

We'd love to have you join.



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