This video shows how to replace old bathroom water supply lines. We specifically show how to swap out old supply lines at the toilet and sink faucet. Lots of good tips.

Here are the supplies we used

Toilet Connector (ClickSeal) —
Universal Kit for Toilets —
Faucet Connector (ClickSeal) —
Universal Kit for Faucets —
Crescent Wrench —
Basin Wrench —

Bathroom water supply lines should be replaced every 10 years. Do this sooner if there’s corrosion or rust on the supply line.

The first step for toilets or faucets is to turn the water off at the shutoff valve.

Then remove the supply line from the shutoff using a crescent wrench, turn the nut counterclockwise.

Typically water toilet water supply lines are hand tight at the fill valve. But pliers can be used to loosen them. Faucet water supply lines need both a crescent wrench and basin wrench for removal.

ClickSeal water connectors don’t need any tools for installation at the toilet and faucet connection.

Watch our video for all the details

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