John from visits Funky Fungi, an Indoor Commercial Mushroom farm that is less than a year old and on track to make $200,000 this year growing mushrooms.

In this episode, you will learn how mushrooms are grown in just 14 days that can be sold for $20 a pound (retail) or $10 a pound (chef direct)

First, John will tell you how the farmer, Jewell quit her job as a stockbroker to grow mushrooms, he will then go into the warehouse building to give you a full tour of the facilities.

You will learn about all the major areas of the farm where different tasks take place. First, you will learn what the mushrooms eat (grows on). Next, you will learn how the growing medium is sterilized by taking a steam sauna.

You will then enter the clean room where the growing medium is inoculated with mushroom spawn, and kept in the right temperature to colonize their bags.

Next, you will learn why its important to climate control your growing area, to ensure the best production, color, and flavor of the mushrooms.

You will discover why it’s important to wear a mask to protect your lungs from any kind of small foreign particulate.

Next, you will learn how an unconventional bag cutting technique can increase your harvest.

You will then discover what some nice blue oyster mushrooms look like when they almost ready for harvest.

You will learn how the mushrooms are stored post-harvest in a walk-in cooler using a 5,000 BTU window air conditioner unit.

Next, John will interview Jewell the Fungi Diva to learn more about growing mushrooms and Funky Fungi Farm.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
04:30 Farm Tour Starts
05:12 Warehouse Space
07:30 What do Mushrooms Eat?
10:50 Mixing the Mix Wood and Soy Husks with Water
13:12 Filling bags with Growing Medium
13:49 Sterilizing Growing Medium using a stock tank and Steam Sauna
17:41 Entering Clean Lab Room
18:01 Letting Sterilized Bags Cool Down to Ambient temperature
18:44 Inoculated Growing Medium with Mushroom Spawn in a sterile environment
20:42 Allow the Mushroom Growing Medium to Colonize the Whole Bag
22:33 Testing Temperature of the Temperature inside bags to ensure proper temperature
23:49 Air conditioning to climate control to grow mushrooms
27:00 Puting on a mask to protect against spores
27:49 Entering Climate Control Mushroom Growing Room
28:40 Unconventional ways of cutting mushroom bags to increase harvest
29:52 Have the right moisture level and temperature to grow the mushrooms
31:00 First Flush of Mushrooms and Second Flush of Mushrooms
32:15 Growing Many varieties of Mushrooms to Diversify
33:33 Mushrooms grow in 14 days until a harvest
34:33 Walk in Cooler using a Cool-Bot and Air Conditioner
35:07 Freshly harvest mushrooms – how to select the best mushrooms
37:00 Fulfil a niche in your area that is needed
37:55 Interview with Jewel the Mushroom Diva Farmer
38:20 How did you get into farming and Growing Mushrooms?
39:00 Is it true you started less than a year ago?
40:00 How did you learn how to grow mushrooms?
41:00 Why did you quit your job and start a mushroom farm?
42:00 Compare Microgreens vs Growing Mushrooms which is best?
43:25 Why did you decide to sell to restaurants instead of farmers markets?
45:00 How much time does your mushroom farm take?
47:00 What are some of the challenges you have had growing Mushrooms?
49:20 What percentage of your gross income is profit?
51:10 How did you find and build relationships to sell your mushrooms?
54:23 Why did you start a Youtube Channel to Share your Mushroom Farming Journey?
56:12 What’s one fact about mushrooms that you were surprised to learn?
57:04 What is one tip for people who are considering starting a mushroom farm?
59:00 What are some words of wisdom you would like to share with my viewers today?
1:01:55 How can you learn more about Funky Fungi?

After watching this episode, you will learn all of the basics on how mushrooms are grown indoors on a commercial scale, including all the tips you need to know to be successful growing mushrooms.

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