This video shares how to plan a shower remodel and what materials we used on our latest custom tiled shower.

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Here’s the list of supplies we discuss in the video

38″ x 60″ Shower Tray (KERDI Shower T) —
48″ Shower Curb (KERDI-BOARD SC) —
ABS KERDI Drain (Stainless Steel Cover) —
KERDI-BAND Waterproofing —
108 Ft of KERDI (3 Ft 3′ x 33 Ft Version) —
Shower Niche (KERDI 12″ x 20″) —
ALL-SET Mortar (White) —
Hansgrohe iBox Rough-In Valve —
S Pressure Balance Valve Trim (Chrome) —
Raindance S Shower Head (Chrome) —
Shower Arm with Flange (Chrome) —
Mapei Ultracolor Plus FA Grout (White) —
Mapesil T Silicone (White) —


When planning a shower remodel on a budget it’s best to pick the shower waterproofing first, then the shower rough-in valve, and finally the tile.

Don’t make the mistake of spending most of your money on the tile, which is ultimately just a superficial layer over the waterproofing.

Set a budget and determine what shower system you’d like to use. For example, we went with Schluter’s shower system for this small remodel.

Hansgrohe’s iBox is a solid rough-in valve and we found the overall price to be very reasonable compared to other rough-ins from Delta, Moen, and Kohler. Plus the iBox is easy to install.

After choosing the Schluter System and iBox we then purchased the tile, grout, and sealants.

Watch our video to see what components we chose for this shower remodel on a budget