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Paint goes bad quickly. On top of that, it can be a pain to pour straight out of the can. It can dribble all over the side. Even worse, it can get all over the floor. If you’re doing a painting job where paint needs to be poured cleanly, then Shur-Line has your solution. Made out of collapsible resin, it’s a paint can lid that can be sealed to any can that contains water based paints or stains. It has a collapsible design that lets you store your can just like any other. When you need to pour, open up the air valve and pull the funnel out. It’s easy to use, it’s tough, and it fits most any single gallon lids. Painting has never been this easy. Do it cleaner with Shur-Line.

Shur-Line 1783844 Red Silicone Mess-Free Store and Pour Collapsible Gallon Paint Can Lid | Weekend Handyman