Snow Blowing Real Life: In this video, John Young take the Toro Power Clear e21 60 Volt snow blower through the paces taking on snow pulled from the roof, snow and ice from vehicle traffic, and snow that is blown 3-4 times before it is off the driveway.

21″ Power Clear® e21 60V* (7.5 ah) Battery Snow Blower (39901)

Snowdrift Strength – All the power to break through heavy, wet snow and throw it up to 40 feet.
Crush Snow to the Curb – Rip through tough snow with the durable design of Toro’s patent-pending all-steel Power Edge™ auger.
Long Battery Life – Clear up to a 12-parked-car driveway on a full charge with the included L405 battery (60-Volt MAX, 7.5 Amp-Hour, 405 Watt-hour) and charger. And you’ll get the most of your battery life with eco mode Speed Control.
Peace of Mind – Toro stands behind its products with a full warranty, not just limited coverage. 2-Year Full Warranty Snow Blower and 3-Year Full Warranty Battery

Snowblowing In Real Life: The Toro Power Clear e21 clearing a whole parking area and side walk