John from shares with you the Newest Gardening Tech products that can help you to detect plant stress in your plants several days to a week before you could detect it with your eyes.

Highlights include the a 100 EUR plant sensor that can detect the health of your plants several days to a week before you can see plant stress, an inexpensive sensor for a inexpensive home growing system, a home biogas digester, a air filter that uses plants to more effectively filter the air and more.

In this episode, John attends the International 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV to share with you a handful of tech gadgets introduced at this years CES that will enable you to grow food easier indoors or out using automated systems to take some of the labor out of growing food. You will discover many gardening tech gadgets unveiled in this episode filmed at CES 2019 in January.

You will learn about the following items in this episode:
00:15 Episode Starts
00:48 You Don’t Need Gardening Tech to Grow Food
02:45 Seed Sheet – Low Cost $15 Garden with Bluetooth Sensor for $30
05:54 Clairy Air Purifying Planter – Filterless Natural Air Purifier Using Plants to Clean Your Air
09:20 Bluagro – 100 EUR ~ $115 Near Infared Plant Sensor to tell you if your plants are stressed several days to a week before you could detect it with the human eye
11:40 Ava Byte – Connected Easy to Grow Indoor Garden Just Add Water
byteme19 to save 24% off
14:05 HomeBioGas – Turn Your Waste into Energy and Fertilizer
CES2019 to save $50

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