John from visits Cody Cove Farm in Central Florida to visit Josh Jamison who specializes in unique edible crop genetics so you can easily grow fruits and vegetables in Florida.

In this episode, you will learn about Cody Cove Farm, a permaculture farm where Josh and Emily grow many rare and unique vegetables and fruits that have been sourced from all around the world.

You will learn more about tropical perennial vegetables and fruits that can be easily grown in the sandy soil of Florida. You will discover why Josh's selected varieties will grow better in Florida than common Northern vegetables that people try to grow in Florida.

You will get a tour of the Cody Cove Farm and learn how Josh can grow vegetables and fruits from around the World in his Central Florida garden.

You will learn how you can order some of these unique and rare vegetables and fruits if you live in Florida.

You will learn about living ground covers, the best leafy greens you can grow including a new perennial kale from Africa, how to keep your plants warm in the winter, as well as how to add nitrogen and nutrients to your soil by a tree, and much, much more.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
00:00 Episode Starts
00:33 Cody Cove only ships to Florida
02:31 Come on a Tour of Cody Cove Farm
03:11 Why this Farm Stays warmer
03:40 Growing Food in Many Ways
04:42 Finding the best Brassica Plants
05:29 Chomolia- Perennial African Kale for the Tropics
06:14 Best Leafy Greens You Can Eat Year Round in Florida – Must be cooked
07:40 Mamey Sapote Tree with Mulch
08:15 Vigorous Living Mulch for Florida – Longevity Spinach
09:25 Slow-Growing Living Mulch for Florida – Okinawan Spinach
10:22 New Asian Gynura with Serrated Leaves- Longevity Spinach (super rare)
11:30 Everglades Tomato – the Tomato you must grow in Florida
12:27 Chomolia Perennial Kale – First-Year Cuttings
13:45 What this property used to look like
14:42 Best Commercial Mulberries Variety
16:15 How he keeps his plants alive in the Freezing Temperatures
17:27 Pigeon Peas – Beans You Can Eat Year Round that adds fertilizer to the soil
19:53 Best Taro to grow in Florida (from Puerto Rico)
21:23 Best Root Vegetable to Grow in Florida: Yuca aka Cassava
22:34 Best Beans and Vegetables You can grow in Florida for success
25:11 Greenhouse Nursery Tour – Plants You Can Buy
25:44 Why he doesn't ship outside of Florida
26:18 Hand Cam Tour of Greenhouse
28:48 Katuk – Edible Nutty Greens
30:22 Best Sweet Potatoes to Grow in Florida
31:17 Interview with Josh Jamison
31:50 Why did you get into gardening
32:35 Tell me more about the trials you do with plants
34:34 How can someone learn from your crop research
35:50 Why do you only sell to Florida?
37:37 What keeps you motivated to keep your gardening and farming?
39:45 Top tip to become a better gardener
40:54 How can people contact you

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