This video is about Ryboi Trimmer 4Check online prices here:
Milwaukee M12 Rocket Jobsite Flood Light with 2 6Ah batteries: href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>
Craftsman Jobsite Flood Light:
Ryobi PCL630 Jobsite Flood Light:
Ryobi PCL631 Jobsite Panel Flood Light:
Makita DML805 Jobsite Flood Light:
Adapter From Mic Stand To Camera 1/4″ Mount:
Inexpensive Microphone Stand:

In this video, John sets up four job site LED flood lights and demonstrates the brightness and coverage of each. All lights are at the height of 5-6 feet high, with a throw to the truck in the video of about 35 feet.

Testing Job Site Flood Lights From Ryobi, Craftsman and Milwaukee In Real Life Outdoors

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