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The Best Snow Shovel Comparison: Manplow Pro42 Pro42WW VS WB42 Wishbone Snow Movers

PRO Line
Blade Height: 13 Inches
Replacement EZ Glide Edge: PROEGE42- $30; PROEGE32- $25; PROEGE24- $20
Grip: Comfort Grip
Handle: Aluminum U Handle Included in Compatible Handle Program
Price and Weight by Model:
PRO 42 Inch- $105; 9lbs Replacement Blades Available- $70
PRO 32 Inch- $95; 8lbs Replacement Blades Available- $60
PRO 24 Inch- $85; 7lbs Replacement Blades Available- $50

The Wishbone Line features the strongest single pole handle system on the market and carries a 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty. While most single pole handles have one connection at the center of the blade, the Wishbone’s handle has two connections, 20 inches apart. This connection design stabilizes the blade, is more durable and will not twist and break during regular use. The Wishbone handle is manufactured from thick walled aluminum to add strength and reduce fatigue.