See tile floor removal tips, specifically how to remove tile floor sections. If you’re doing a bathroom remodel and need help, join Bathroom Repair Tutor’s Video Library of over 325 step by step tutorials…make your bathroom renovation easier at

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0:00 Tile floor removal tips
0:11 Best tools for cutting tile floors
1:03 How to cut tile floors with an angle grinder
1:40 How to use a hammer to remove tile floors
2:14 How to remove bathtubs connected to tile floors
2:27 How to remove DITRA from wood subfloor

These supplies were used in our video:

Montolit CGX115 Diamond Blade
WSG7-115 Angle Grinder (Fein)
Dust Shroud (Fein)
MultiMaster (Fein)
ProKnee Pads
Ironclad Gloves
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection

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