Model Number: 39921
60V Max* 21” Power Clear Self-Propelled Snow Blower
Get the job done 33% faster with our self-propelled battery-powered snow blower. It’s the best at taking on winter’s worst. No-nonsense ground-engaging paddles propel it through the most densely packed snow, clear down to the pavement. Plus, it can clear up to a 15-car driveway on a single charge.
60V Max* Power Max 2‑Stage Snow Blower
Model Number: 39926
If you’ve never experienced a Flex-Force 2-stage snow blower before, you’re in for a battery-powered snow-destroyin’ treat. It not only throws the heaviest snow up to 45 feet, it can clear up to a 45-parked-car driveway on a single charge.

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