John from visits Paynter’s You Pick Farm in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada and gives you a tour of this farm.

In this episode, you will get a walking tour of the farm, and John will share his opinions about some of the practices that the farm is doing, and some they are not doing.

You will discover how you can check the quality of any fruit or vegetable that you grew (or someone else grew) with a brix meter.

You will learn about John’s opinions on what should be put down underneath fruit trees: Wood Chips or a Living Mulch.

You will discover how to pick a ripe peach, learn about water-saving irrigation and much, much more.

Jump to the Following Part of this Episode:
01:00 Farm Introduction
01:50 Organic vs Conventional Produce
02:55 Fertility practice of Farm
03:10 Quality of your produce is based on your soil quality
05:40 Mulch under trees for greater nutrition
06:50 Farm Tour Starts
07:00 Cover Cropping with Clover
07:45 Hedge Row for Pollinators and Beneficial Insects
09:18 cost of Produce
09:45 How to get the best fruit at a you-pick farm
10:30 Harvest Fruit without Ladders
11:30 Best Place to Put Sprinkler for Fruit Trees
13:00 How to Pick the Ripest Fruit off the Tree
15:20 Brix Testing Peaches
15:50 Alcohol is not a Health Food
16:12 Refractive Index of Crops
16:50 What is brix?
17:45 How to store fruit for longer
18:20 The importance of a high brix
20:05 How to measure brix from fruit
21:30 Why a brix meter is an important tool
22:15 Why Brix are important for farmers
22:50 How much is a brix meter?
23:25 How to look for higher mineral content in a brix meter
24:19 why most food is minerally deficient
25:50 Why don’t you want weeds under the tree?
30:20 Best Book to Learn about Soil Fertility
31:30 Can you plant companion plants right next to the tree?
32:40 Saving Water in the Vegetable Garden
34:17 Plants Make their own Immune system
36:25 How to Pick a Tomato

After watching this episode, you will learn more about the practices you should do in your garden or farm to ensure you grow and pick the best fruits and vegetables.

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