John from shares with you the best uncommon Chinese vegetables you can grow they grow in China. All of these have been grown traditionally in China for hundreds of years, and some of them can even handle the hot summer heat of a warming planet or the tropics.

In this episode, John travels to St Petersburg, Florida to visit AsianGarden2Table Youtube Channel and Home Based Business to share with you what they are growing in their backyard and how you can grow some of the same uncommon Chinese Vegetables that they import from China and grow in South Florida successfully for many years.

First, John will give you a full tour of the small backyard garden. Next, you will learn how to use inexpensive EMT conduit to create trellis so you can grow vertically and structures so you can extend your growing season by putting up shade cloth and/or plastic to keep your garden warmer.

Next, you will learn about many of the different unique Asian vegetables that are currently growing in the garden with a focus on vegetables that can take the hot summer heat as well as uncommon Chinese vegetables that you may not have heard of ever before.

You will learn about special string-less green beans that won’t get too stringy/fibrous when they get too old, unlike standard garden green beans.

You will discover how AsianGarden2Table imports hundreds of heirloom and hybrid seeds direct from China so that she can grow some of her childhood favorite vegetables that she could not find in the USA once she moved here.

You will learn some of the growth habits and flavors of these uncommon Chinese vegetables that are not normally known outside Chinese culture.

You will discover how to run a small seed-business from a spare bedroom of your home to generate a side income while you are a stay-at-home mom and raise your kids at home.

You will learn how the gardener prepares many of the Chinese vegetables for eating by using a Chinese Wok to Cook the vegetables and how you may be able to increase the number of vegetables you consume by wok-cooking as well.

Finally, John will interview the gardener, Regine and ask her questions such as why she started a seed company selling imported Chinese seeds, if seeds from China are safe, as well as some of the easiest Chinese vegetables to grow.

After watching this episode, you will learn more about some traditional Chinese vegetables that are uncommon to find in the USA as well as where you can purchase them. You will also discover a unique way to gently cook your vegetables with a Wok to retain high levels of nutrition and retain the crunch that people love so much.

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