John from visits Master Cannabis Grower TD for 1st time this season to see how he germinates his cannabis seeds and the genetics and strains he is using this year. You will also learn how he is improving the soil in his outdoor in-ground pots over the wintertime.
In this episode, you get the first update for this season and see how TD is able to grow 10+ pounds of cannabis flower off one plant.
Last Years Complete Season (showing he got 10 pounds of one plant)
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In this episode, you will learn about building your soil over the wintertime in your outdoor cannabis grow. You will learn how TD is improving his backyard garden to grow better plants this year.

You will learn his specific techniques for starting seeds and how he uses pots and starter mix from Lowes hardware store to start the plants.

You will discover the soil mix he uses when he up-pots his pot plants to larger pots and why he purposely gives them a strong mix, to ensure only the strongest girls survive.

You will learn how he hardens his girls off by climatizing them to the outdoor weather as soon as possible in the late fall/spring to get them prepared to handle the outdoor weather where they will be grown.

Finally, John will sit down with TD and ask him some questions about the best seed banks, the best seed genetics and varieties to grow, and what he is growing this year and why. You will also learn more about the mini clothespin clips he will use to stretch and pull his plants this year that he created to be more sustainable and generate less plastic waste and make his job easier.

After watching this episode, you will learn how TD starts his seeds and improves his soil, and uses the best genetics to grow his cannabis girls that should yield 10+ pounds of flower each.

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