John from shares with you Common Vegetables and Fruit Trees with leaves you didn't know you can eat.

In this episode, you will learn 10 different common vegetables and fruit trees that have leaves you can eat like leafy greens.

You will learn about leaves that are not often eaten and may be thought of as toxic that you can eat.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
00:00 Episode Start
00:29 WARNING: Be mindful of the quantity of the leaves you eat.
02:07 Why I grow a garden
03:05 Don't go crazy when eating new leaves
03:28 Eating Tomato Leaves
04:30 Tomato Leaves Healthier than Tomatoes
05:02 Eating Goji Berry Leaves
06:06 Eating Fig Tree Leaves
07:24 Eat Mexican Avocado Leaves
08:22 Do Not Feed these to Dogs
08:49 Eating Nasturtium Flower Leaves
09:27 These are related to Brassica Plants
10:09 Eating Okra Leaves
11:08 Eating Sweet Pepper Leaves
12:10 Eating Cucumber Leaves
12:54 Eating Citrus Tree Leaves
14:19 Eating Winter Squash Leaves
15:30 What other leaves can you eat in your garden?
16:02 Start Slow and Built Tolerance

After watching this episode, you will be able to expand the varieties of leafy greens you are growing in your garden by eating the leaves of fruits and vegetables that you are already growing that you didn't know you can actually eat.

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