John from visits BMV Microgreen Farm in Las Vegas, NV to share with you how they are using FREE Coffee Bags made out of Burlap to grow microgreens to have a FREE growing medium.

In this episode, you will learn how to grow microgreens and how a Las Vegas microgreens farm is thriving in 1/2 of a two-car garage. You will learn how it does not take that much space to have a farm and to grow food for your health and the health of the community.

You will discover how BMV has set up their farm using temporary walls and creating automated systems to reduce the time it takes to run a farm when the farmer has kids, a wife, and other obligations in life.

You will learn the specific ways you can wash, condition, and use coffee bags to grow microgreens. You will learn about some common tools that can be used to grow better microgreens and grow full trays of lush & beautiful microgreens.

First, John will share with you the garden microgreens farm and how they are being grown on racks in a climate-conditioned space in a garage. You will learn about the process and the growing mediums being used. You will get an overview of how many days it takes to grow microgreens and the days in each stage of development.

Next, John will show you the workspace area, and share with you the best microgreen trays, and how BMV farm soaks their seeds and spreads them out in the coffee bags for growing. You will learn the specific process that BMV farm uses to grow microgreens from start to finish.

Finally, John will interview farmer Matthew about growing microgreens, growing a garden, about being a veteran, and how gardening has improved his outlook on life, helped his PTSD trauma from being in Iraq.

23:56 Interview Starts
24:14 Why did you start a microgreens farm?
24:32 Why Microgreens?
26:10 Why did you set up automated systems to grow microgreens?
28:00 How did you start using hemp burlap to grow microgreens?
30:18 Is Hemp Burlap or FREE Coffee Bags (Jute Burlap) are better to grow microgreens?
31:06 What are your three top successes and 3 failures in the microgreens business?
34:56 Should veterans start a garden?
37:26 How has gardening helped you with your mental health and PTSD?
39:20 How do you help people grow food?
40:52 Any final words of wisdom you would like to share?
41:34 How can someone get ahold of you?

After watching this episode, you will learn how you can grow microgreens using FREE Coffee Bags you can get at coffee roasters. You will also learn how you can run a microgreens farm out of your garage. You will discover how easy it is to grow microgreens and find out how gardening can improve your mental health and PTSD if you are a veteran (or not).

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