John from attends the 37th Annual EcoFarm Conference put on by the Ecological Farming Association and gives you a tour and review of the event. You will learn first-hand what it is like to attend some of the events at EcoFarm Conference that takes place at the Asilomar conference center in Northern California every year.

In this episode, John will show you around the EcoFarm Conference including sharing the seed exchange as well as the exhibitor area to share with you the best exhibitors for the event.

Exhibitors Visited:
06:52 Center for Food Safety – Craigslist for FREE seed sharing at
09:43 Trace Genomics – Soil Microbial Health Initiative
Call them at 1 831 296 0111 for the Soil Health Initiative for $350
13:48 Organic Ag Products – Pure Protein Organic Fertilizer – Amino acid fertilizer from Fish for your plants. Also organic pest and weed control
19:52 Tend – Free Software Platform to Manage your Farm

Finally John will share his personal notes from several of the workshops about what he learned at the EcoFarm Conference 2017 including topics on: Biodynamic Growing and Biodynamic Preparations, Insects as Food: Crickets, Crickets more sustainable than Meat, Growing Crickets for Urban Farming, Classical biological controls for pests, Beneficial insects for your garden, attracting beneficial insects, Conserving biodiversity with organic practices, Indoor Forest Gardening in Colorado, Paul Staments on Mushrooms, and reversing colony colapse disorder, and much, much more.

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