John from shows you what he is growing and planting right now in his fall organic vegetable garden for the fall and winter gardening season in zone 9a.

In this episode, John walks you around his backyard Mohave desert urban vegetable garden, and shares with you all the baby plant starts he is planting in his garden and what he has already planted in his garden. You will also see the remnants of his summer garden as it is being transitioned to the fall/winter plants.

You will get a quick tour of his garden so you will better know the vegetables you can plant in the fall and winter that can survive the cold in a zone 9a garden.

Along the way, you will learn many other helpful gardening tips and tricks.

After watching this episode, you will be more familiar with some of the cold-tolerant vegetables that you should grow if you live in a climate that can lightly freeze in the fall and winter so you can continue to grow your own organic food.

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