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Craftsman 120 Tooth Gunmetal Tool Set:
DeWalt 72 Tooth Set:

81-piece Gunmetal Chrome Mechanics Tool Set is made for the auto-enthusiast, semi-pro, or do-it-yourselfer. This set comes with the new 120-Tooth ratchet that provides maximum accessibility in tight spots. With its slim head and 3-degree arc swing, you can get into narrow spaces with ease and quickly tighten or loosen a fastener. This set also comes with two extension bars, a universal joint, a spark plug socket, a bit adapter, and a wide range of shallow and deep sockets for added utility. The gunmetal chrome finish provides durable rust resistance, easy cleaning, and a professional look. All of these components are packed in a compact mobile case perfect for storage in a toolbox, garage, a vehicle or proudly displayed on your workbench. The case has durable metal clips and metal removable hinges for splitting the case into two for storage or ready availability. The case also has exterior grooves for stacking with same size cases. Take on your next project with our Gunmetal Chrome 81-piece tool set.

The 23 Piece Combination Impact Socket Set offers a wide variety of sockets for any user need. These sockets have DirectTorque technology to help prevent rounding of fasteners and provide better grip.

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