John from answers your organic gardening questions including how to know if seeds are good without germinating? should I dig up my fruit trees when I move? Why do you need to bubble compost tea?, What is the most valuable vegetable that you grow? How to help mitigate heat stress on plants and much, much more.

John will answer the following questions at the following times:
01:06 Can I plant Ashitaba in Illinois? Full or partial sun?
02:46 I have a bucket of soggy leaves in water can I use as fertilizer?
04:10 You got high on raw cannabis because of the citrus!
05:48 How do I know if seeds are still good without germinating?
06:66 Is the boogie blue water filter worth it? What's the best Water filter?
14:04 Should I dig up my fruit trees when I move to take them with me?
16:00 How much native clay soil should I add to my compost/biochar mix?
17:14 What fruits and vegetables should I grow in a food forest in zone 9b?
19:14 I applied compost tea and then it rained. Will plants still get the benefits?
19:48 Why does compost tea have to undergo that bubbling phase?
22:10 What are your time-saving productivity-boosting tips for gardeners with limited time?
24:12 What plant food do you use for your peppers in pots?
25:14 What is the furthest you have traveled to visit a garden?
Do you prefer chickens or ducks for a homeowner?
What do you think of the mosquito dunks for larvae in a rain barrel?
27:40 What can I do with the old soil from my cannabis grow?
28:52 What is the most valuable vegetable that you grow for health?
29:44 Why did you get into gardening?
31:56 What kind of fertilizer must I use on my veggies?
33:28 What is your favorite pepper to grow?
33:58 What is the most simple and affordable way to water raised beds?
34:32 How can I use dragonfruit I didn't like? Can I compost the peel?
36:42 Does liquid kelp help with heat stress in plants?
38:22 Why are my jalapeno peppers not hot & spicy this year?
40:04 If you could grow only one plant for the rest of your life?
40:52 Any tips on keeping plants alive in AZ in the heatwave?
42:35 What plants would you never grow again?
45:14 What kinds of peppers are you growing?
46:12 If soil and plants are my passion, how can I start in this as a career?

After watching this episode, you will learn John's answers to these questions, and probably learn many more organic gardening tips and tricks along the way.

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