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Rake and Smooth
Use the fork rake to clean gravel areas, smooth stones, and disperse mulch. Create smooth, leveled surfaces with ease.

Hoe and Slice
Use the sharp steel blade to dig furrows, break-up soil, remove weeds, and slice unwanted plants at the roots.

Scrape and Cut
Use the steel blade at a new angle to scrape along tough surfaces such as concrete and stone where unwanted weeds grow.

Edge and Chop
Use the sharp edge to cut and clean around pathways, planting and vegetable beds. Give your lawn a professional looking edge.

Aerate and Loosen
Use the teeth of the fork at this straight angle to aerate lawns and planting beds promoting healthy soil for better growth.

The hinge mechanism rotates 180° to finely adjusted to the most comfortable angle for any given use. Simply loosen the thumb nut to rotate the tool head then tighten in the desired position. The aluminum construction is lightweight and extremely durable.

#YardXGardenTool Yard-X Multi-Use Garden Tool (5 Tools in One) Hoe Rake Digger | Weekend Handyman

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